I've been taking pictures scince I was a child. Over 30 years as I write this.

One of my strongest memories from all that time ago was picking up my fathers camera for the first time, and just turning it over in my hands. It was a Voigtländer Vito B; the metal body was cold and heavy, scientific bezels with pressed, coloured numbers, and snug leather case. The smell of the leather and the way the camera fitted so perfectly was good enough for me. I was already in awe before I had any concept of a good picture.

Once I had held this camera, this instrument, there was no going back. For years I just watched my father work with it, and somehow I could never match his results. I was still young when I inherited it and for over a decade I drifted away, taking only occasional photographs. In the late 90's my work offered me an opening back into photography, and seizing the opportunity I purchased my first serious camera. Over the next few years I mixed my day job with commercial shoots and low key art work.

It is now 2011. In a single decade digital has changed everything, except the passion.

Even after all this time this feels like just the beginning of a great adventure.

Richard Cassidy, May 2011